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Warm Up

Warm Up

Mutant Pop Records - MP-1035
Recorded at Fingerboard Road Studios
Released - June 13th 2002
Contains 6 songs

Track Listing:
  1. The Only Way
  2. I Love You Girl
  3. I Like Girl Songs
  4. Goin' Places
  5. Gum Would Be Perfection
  6. Beatley Medles

"The Only Way"

I see you standing there in the back of the room
I can't talk to you so I wrote this tune

It (a) goes woah...a woah oh...

Sitting in my room real late at night
Thinking of how I wanna hold you tight

Thinking about you I start to write this song
Com'on pretty baby come and sing along

"I Love You Girl"

I love you girl

"I Like Girl Songs"

I like to listen to songs about girls, they brighten up the day
Politics and twenty dollar words, that's just not my way
Everytime I see a beautiful girl she has a corresponding song
It makes me wanna go home and listen to MTX

Cause I like girl songs
pretty girl songs
silly girl songs
every girl song

Laying in bed on a Saturday night listening to my stereo
Being best friends with my record collection, there's no other way to go
The music is all I got, but you're the one I want
It makes me wanna go home and listen to the Queers


"Goin' Places"

Goin' places with our lives
I saw this girl the other day>
I couldn't think of what to say
But goin' places with our lives

"Gum Would Be Perfection"

"Beatley Medles"

All songs written by Goin' Places except #6. Copyright and Published 2003.

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