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Relationship Sneakers

Relationship Sneakers

Memorable But Not Honorable (2022)
Bright & Barrow / SP Records (2012)
Recorded at Good Good Studios
Produced by Richie Holes
Remixed & Remastered by Richie Holes 2022
Originally Released - February 14th 2012
Released on MBNH - November 11th 2022
Contains 15 songs

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Listen to the album by clicking on the song titles below:

  1. Be With Me
  2. You're Living In A Dream World
  3. Relationship Sneakers
  4. Bedroom Window
  5. You're Gonna Be My Girl
  6. Tongue Tied
  7. Nobody Gives A Shit About Us
  8. Wonder Why
  9. Just Another Girl Song
  10. Goin' Places
  11. Wait And See
  12. Running Out Of Time
  13. I Love You Girl
  14. Gum Would Be Perfection
  15. Never Forget

"Be With Me"

The other day I met this girl
She was the cutest girl in the world
Brown hair and beautiful eyes
I think I like her more than fries

I really wanted to flirt with her
But I couldn't think of what to say
That's because I work with her
I have to see her everyday

Oh baby won't you be with me?
I really like you, can't you see?
Come on baby, won't you be my girl?
Make me the happiest guy in the world

Very slowly we started to talk
Strictly business, nothing major was said
Then I had a dream about her
And now I can't get her out of my head

One night I drank too much
Told her I wanted to be more than a friend
But I made a fool of myself
Looks like I'm gonna be alone again

"You're Living In A Dream World"

What's going on upstairs making you think you're always right?
No matter what I say or do, we always end up in a fight
Call and ask for permission to hang out with my friends
If you think this is gonna work, well you'd better think again

Cause you're living in a dream world
And I cannot satisfy you
No matter what the hell I do
So I'll see you around

I won't just give in to you and hand over my life
I only asked you for a date, wasn't looking for a wife
You said that you didn't like my whole style of life
So I said I've had enough of this, I'm dumping you tonight

Cause you're living in a dream world
And I cannot satisfy you
No matter what the hell I do
So I'm saying goodbye

"Relationship Sneakers"

She was at the mall, she saw them there
The new white sneakers that I would wear
She didn't look twice, she bought them for me that night

She came home with a shopping bag
She said "Try these on" as she ripped off the tag
I knew there was something she was trying to tell me, alright

She didn't waste a second, she pulled off my old shoes
Then threw them in the garbage all the way across the room
I said "Wait a minute...I like my Cons a lot"

Then she said
Whoa oh oh relationship sneakers
Whoa oh oh you lace them up tight
Whoa oh oh relationship sneakers
You'd better put them on or you won't get laid tonight

I heard her on the phone talking with her friend
"Dressing him up is like playing Barbie and Ken
So let's go shopping and buy more clothes for my doll"

I thought that she was only joking around
But then she came with a bag from Aeropostale
She said "Wear this...no more t shirts for you"

I wore my shoes to practice, my friends said "What are those?"
I told them that my girlfriend bought me brand spanking new clothes
They asked me where my Cons were, I tried to change the subject yea

But they said
Whoa oh oh relationship sneakers
Whoa oh oh you lace them up tight
Whoa oh oh relationship sneakers
You'd better put them on or you won't get laid tonight

Whoa oh oh get rid of those sneakers
Whoa oh oh it might start a fight
Whoa oh oh tell her you still love her
But wear your Chuck Taylors when you leave the house tonight

"Bedroom Window"

I can see through you
You protect me from the rain
You show me the world
You let the sun shine in

Time has changed your look
Time has beat you down
All the years you shielded me
You never wore a frown

Years of filth never fade
It stays with you forever
As hard as I try to clean
It still will not get better

Life has past me by
Through my bedroom window
No one sees my pain
Through my bedroom window

I'm locked up for a while
They can't believe I was involved
No one thinks I can do it
You've been with me through it all

"You're Gonna Be My Girl"

Staring at the ceiling, Counting up the reasons
Why I should give up on you
Seems that there are plenty, Whenever I'm ready
I just have to make a move

But there's just one issue, I still wanna kiss you
And take you home with me
Next time we come back here, We'll be with each other
Yea, and everyone will see

You're gonna be my girl

Every now and then I see things 20/20
And I realize what to do
Then I see that smile and after a while
I can't get my mind off you

Just imagine what it would be like if we were
Makin' love inside my room
I'm the one who's needy and it may sound greedy
But here's what you have to do

You're gonna be my girlfriend
And I'm gonna make it happen
So you better watch out now
Cause I'm comin' now to get you

Now it's all planned out so just stick your hand out
And walk around with me
Everyone is looking how did he get that girl?
Air is filled with jealousy

Let's go where it's quiet, No one will bother us
We'll do what we have to do
As you take my shirt off, I start to wake up
Some day this dream will come true

"Tongue Tied"

She's got me tongue tied
But this one doesn't seem like last time
I know this girl who's got me tongue tied
I couldn't think of a sweeter crime

And when I see her
My palms get sweaty and my mouth's dry
I wanna tell her what's she's doing
A smile is my only outcry

I wanna tell her I love her
That I only think of her
But I can't seem to come up with the words

I wanna tell her I need her
That I wanna be with her
But I can't seem to come up with the nerve

Cause she's the one who can do it
Yea and I always knew it
From the minute I caught that little smile

She makes me so happy
To be alone with my misery
And you know I'll give one more try

And then she tells me
Says that she loves me, couldn't hurt me
Just want her to know she can take it
That it's for her to hold or break, yea

Want her to know how I see her
That I feel like I need her
And I can't seem to get her off my mind

That she keeps me awake
That she's got my heart racing
That I think about her all the time

Let her know that I'd be there
Show her how much I really care
If she'd only just give me the time

And it's not for those reasons
Now I'm begging and pleading
That you'll let down your guard just one time

And then she walks by
I'll take it slow and this time say hi
Tongue tied
I love the girl who's got me tongue tied

She's gonna break your heart (I knew it from the start)
You come from different worlds (she's my kind of girl)
You know it's gonna hurt (but when she wears that shirt)
She's got a different lifestyle (and that cute little smile)

She'd rip the heart out your chest (but her laugh is the best)
It's not meant to be (when she looks at me)
She makes you toss and turn (a lesson I dont wanna learn)
You'll never get that girl (and that's why I love her so)

"Nobody Gives A Shit About Us"

Nobody gives a shit about us
Nobody seems to care at all
Nobody listens to our music
They'd rather buy their rap songs at the mall

Nobody likes the punk rock music
Nobody likes the punk rock show
They just come to see their friend's band play
Playing for the people that they know

Because nobody gives a shit about us
They don't care about our stupid band
They don't care about you or me or him
They'd rather see their friends then be our fan

Nobody wants to buy our music
They'd rather spend it on the rest
They'll buy their friend's brand new demo
Our scene is a popularity contest

Why do we bother making records?
Wasting our time in a punk rock band?
We're doing what we want so fuck off
(We're) having fun so we have the upper hand

We know that
Nobody gives a shit about us
And we don't really care at all

"Wonder Why"

I wonder why your life had changed
And that mine had stayed the same
Too often we had a very hard time
Is that why you are no longer mine?

I wonder why you went away
I had plenty more to say
What's going on? Why must you hide?
Why must you take that other guys side?

We were young and we had time to spare
You laughed when I said I wanted green hair
We always joked and had a great time
And then you went and said that damn line


Time had ripped us apart
We will never be the same
Now I see it's better that way
That's why life's a funny game

Now I sit and think about the past
And it's funny how I thought it would last
Our time together was time well spent
But now I realize that you're not heaven sent

Now I know why

"Just Another Girl Song"

I like her, I think she's really great
I wish that she could be mine
I wanna be with her all the time

I saw her just the other day
And I found a place that I wanna stay
It's in your arms, oh come on girl

People say we belong together
I definitely agree
She doesn't feel the same way about me
I guess it's just not meant to be, oh yea

"Goin' Places"

Goin' places with our lives
I saw this girl the other day>
I couldn't think of what to say
But goin' places with our lives

"Wait And See"

She looks at you, you look at her
You're thinking how to talk to her
She wants you, but you can't speak
You can't think so you go take a leak

You come back, she's still there
You can't help, you still stare
You get the nerve, you walk up
She says "It took you long enough"

You say that she is looking fine
Why don't we go out just one time?
You could have a real good time with me
We could go out on the town, just wait and see

"Running Out Of Time"

Look at me, I'm so damn pathetic
A reject and no place in a girl's mind
Life is love and I will never get it

Cause I don't have it yet and I'm running out of time

My friends make it look so damn easy
They hang out with their girlfriends every day
I don't know how they do it

Cause I don't have it yet and I'm running out of time

As each day passes by,
I lose more and more
Time is such a factor
You only get one chance
Where do I go from here?
Dying alone is my worst fear

Every time I sing this song
More time has been lost
I wish that I could go back
And do things differently

"I Love You Girl"

I love you girl

"Gum Would Be Perfection"

"Never Forget"

Sitting alone
Radio real loud
Remember it like it was yesterday

Hearing those songs
Changed my life for good
More than just a band, you showed us we can do it too

Our favorite bands exist because of yours
Punk rock's the effect, the Ramones the cause
From CBGBs to overseas
You gave us musical lobotomies

Pick up a guitar and start to play
Before you it wasn't this way
We all listened and we took your cue
And now we all have something to do

Joey Ramone
Sad to see you go
But we still hear you on our stereo

You've had lots of fun
And look at what you've done
Singing for the band that made music fun again

You said you couldn't give us anything
Modest words coming from the king
We took a trip down to Rockaway
It's not the same since you went away
At every show we do the blitzkrieg bop
Sniff some glue and do the cretin hop
We wrote this in honor of you
Punk rock lives on like you wanted it to

You accepted us, now we remember you
Thank you for giving us something to do
We'll never forget the Ramones

Punk rock legends

All songs written by Goin' Places. Copyright and Published 2012, 2022.

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