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A Different Way

Something To Do Music for
Something To Do People, Vol. 26

Something To Do Records
Recorded at Good Good Studios
Produced by Richie Holes
Released - November 1st 2020
Features "A Different Way" (Digital Single)

"A Different Way"

Reoccurrence, iteration, everything's the same
Now I'm back in the same spot that I was in yesterday
Repetition isn't fun cause everything's the same
Take me to a brand new place I want something to change

Stuck in a routine
It's keeping me in line
Want to break out

This won't go on cause it's time to find a different way

Today is my revolution, time for my part two
Things will go my way today, I promise something new
Actions are within yourself, they won't work if you wait
Contrary to some belief, you can control your fate

Song written by Goin' Places. Copyright and Published 2019.

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